人/ URI支持团队

人/ URI支持团队

Global Council of Trustees

URI’s primary governing body, 全球委员会, is comprised of at least 24 Trustees, who are grassroots volunteers elected from – and by – URI 合作圈. Each URI region selects three Trustees to serve on 全球委员会 for a four-year term, providing critical governance and oversight of URI’s operations, 财务状况, and mission-related activities. In addition, At-Large Trustees are appointed as needed.

The Global Council is charged with helping guide URI’s fulfillment of its mission, as well as stewarding and supporting its long-term sustainability and strategic growth.

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The purpose of the 高级顾问委员会 (formerly the President's Council) is to be a group of influential, 主要的URI的支持者, who have relevant organizational wisdom, and who partner with 全球委员会 of Trustees and the Executive Director in providing guidance to URI's leadership.

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URI 基金会 Board of Directors

The 基金会 Board of Directors oversees URI's investments; monitors the endowment investment performance and the usage of the funds by URI to ensure compliance with the 投资 and Spending policies; reviews and updates the 投资 and Spending policies as necessary; and coordinates the relationship with investment advisors and managers to ensure optimal performance of the endowment and strategic reserves. The URI 基金会 is an independent entity operating for charitable purposes as a support organization under 509(a)(3) of the IRS code. 

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URI 基金会 投资 Committee

The URI 基金会 投资 Committee’s primary responsibility is oversight of URI’s investment advisor and the investment portfolio.  The Committee’s members have deep investment advisory and management experience as broker/dealers or registered investment advisors. The Committee makes recommendations to the URI 基金会 Board of Directors regarding changes in URI’s investment advisor, 投资, Socially Responsible 投资ing and Spending policies, and the endowment and strategic reserve portfolio asset allocation.

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Global Programs Team and Regional Staff

The Global Programs Team staff members are part of the 全球支持办公室 (GSO) and work directly with Regional Staff.   

Regional Staff anchor the network of 合作圈 around the world. They collaborate with elected regional trustees to uplift the work of and address the needs of current CCs, and to assist in the establishment of new CCs.  Regional staff members are instrumental in helping CCs connect with one another regionally and globally for information exchange, 灵感, 和协作.

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The 全球支持办公室 (GSO) is the core staff team that supports the URI network of 合作圈 and is responsible for the overall implementation of communications, 筹款, 财务状况, and administration for URI.

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